LIVE Training 5/7th October

Find Your Ideal Career With Confidence & Ease

Learn how to perfectly match your skills, motivation and needs so you can find your ideal career and live a life without stress and guilt and instead thrive in your career and life.


In This Training 


- 1 -

The Secret That Most Career Coaches Will NOT Tell You

If you keep looking to find the answer from your professional experience you may be looking for some time. Learn the secret of where to find the right career in the training.

- 2 - 

The 4 Things You MUST Do To Find Your Ideal Career Path

Learn exactly what four things you must do to find your ideal career, missing one and you can soon be back where you started.

- 3 -

Why Shifting Your Mindset Matters

Our minds are incredibly powerful and will be the difference between success and staying stuck. Our thoughts will determine our future: adopt the right mindset to successfully find the ideal career, one that you enjoy and allows you to live your best life.

Finding the ideal career STARTS with understanding where you are and what life you want.

Whether you're ready to return to work after a break, circumstances are forcing you to change or you simply don't enjoy what you do you're in the right place and this workshop will help you move one step closer to not only finding the ideal career but also building the confidence to go for it.

To be able to find the ideal career there are four things you must to have in place, missing one and you can soon be back where you started.

Join me live to learn exactly what these four things are as well as how to build the right mindset so that you can do this with confidence and ease.

Time to find your ideal career so you can start living your best life.

This is for you if...

  • You want to make a change but not sure what to do
  • You have some ideas of what to do next but wondering if you have the right skills
  • You want to feel happy and enjoy a career that aligns with your life
  • You dream of having a career where you can make a difference
  • You are not enjoying what you do now and you know you need to change

In case you don't know TAC She and Hanna...

I want everyone to find their ideal career, so they can live their best life, because I believe that will make a better world.

Hi I'm Hanna, I started out as a chemical engineer, moved country, changed career and became a coach, had children, set up a business, moved country and pivoted again and created a different business. Now I have a growing business, whilst being a present wife and mother and most importantly really enjoy all aspects of my life. 

In this FREE workshop I will cut right to the chase and reveal exactly how I and my clients, have been able to find the ideal career and how you can do exactly the same. 

For the past decade I have had the opportunity to work with women all over the world and continued to learn exactly what it takes to find the ideal career for you. And this training reveals the exact method to you for FREE!  

Register now not to miss this LIVE workshop.

What People Say

"TAC She brought clarity and confidence to my life by helping me unpack my purpose and values which are the foundation of growing myself and starting a new career. I realized that I had the ability to achieve my goals and the conviction to go for it.”    

-Trisha Crookes CEO I-Innovate  

"TAC She is a tremendous resource for working women. I have found the coaching a very positive and powerful process in my development as a leader. Coaching with TAC She has helped me envision, define and strategically go after my next big achievements. All of this has been done with positive, encouraging support from TAC She."  

- Gretchen Wilson-Prangley CEO Play Africa

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